Financial Personality

The power of understanding financial personalities

Change occurs as a result of understanding ourselves and others. Financial personality is a fun and inviting approach to help your congregation develop an individualized program they can sustain for life.

Customized Financial Plan

Outstanding insight into the needs of your congregation

Our financial survey is a one-of-a-kind tool to evaluate the financial health of your
members. We’ll use the results to build a customized financial program that will benefit your church for years to come.

Positive Results

Financial coaching that yields positive results

The leading cause of problems in a relationship is personal finance. Consider the benefits of the STAFF Financial Coaching Program for your congregation and all of its relationships.

Biblically-based approach

Biblically-based approach

Our approach to stewardship allows participants to understand their God-given talents and apply that to their relationships, communication, and financial planning.

Benefits for your congregation

Benefits for your congregation

Storing Treasures is committed to the development of a practical and biblically-based financial program that works for you and/or your congregation.


Follow a practical and biblically-based approach

Honor your God-given talents

Honor your God-given talents

Our goal is to help others change destructive behaviors not aligned with their values and teach Biblical principles of Giving, Saving, Debt, and Planning. Our approach to stewardship allows participants to understand their God-given talents and apply that to their relationships, communication, and financial results.

Learn to work within your personality

Learn to work within your personality

The Financial Personality Assessment is the cornerstone of the entire Storing Treasures program. Our financial personalities are driven by specific traits that define how we think and behave financially. This is the first step in developing an individualized program that can be sustained for life. We will work with your church or non-profit to complete an in person or Zoom webinar. It will be focused on financial personality and stewardship principles and having a long lasting impact on reaching financial goals.

Rest assured with ongoing support

Rest assured with ongoing support

We will provide ongoing support centered on:

  • Financial personality engagement on how to work with others to build better financial relationships with your spouse, children, and friends
  • Online courses focused on financial personality that assist in values, debt reduction, saving and investing, creating a spending plan and goal setting
  • Connections to financial professionals (Resource Network) to assist in building equity, investing, saving for the future, mortgage lending, and more
  • Ability to ask specific financial questions of Storing Treasures or the Resource Network
  • Calendar program to help manage your financial plan
  • Access to events, interviews and an online community

Customer Appreciation

Our clients say it best

Recent graduates of the STAFF program:

“I really enjoyed it. I learned my personality in reference to spending and my spending habits. I learned about emergency savings and debt reduction. Best of all, I learned about my goals and how to set those for the future.”

“I learned how to manage my money by using the envelope system. I have saved over $400 per month on my monthly spending plan. I have been able to save $4,000 for emergencies. It has helped us out working as a couple and figuring out how we can work toward paying off our debt over the next 18 months.”

“I really did not know what I was doing prior to the class. This helped me figure out how to move forward and begin plans to start my own business. It is a great foundation to build on.”

Some comments from seminar participants…

Spring Hills Community Church, CA

“Seminar was well received by attendees. 97% indicated the concepts and principles would be valuable in the handling of their daily finances.”

“Financial personality – it really helps to figure out why I am the way I am and my spouse is the way he is.”

“The seminar helped me find who I am and realizing I have the tools to manage and uplift my finances to be the worry free, confident person God wants for me to be.”

“I knew nothing about finances. I walked away from the seminar with a working knowledge of all I needed.”

“The presentation was enjoyable and engaging.”

“Very detailed and easy to understand information for obtaining financial freedom.”

Grace Community Church, TX

“95% of participants rated the presentation as excellent.”

“The down to earth aspects of the seminar was excellent. Mike starts where we are at rather than where we should be.”

“I really enjoyed the open forum. It was amazing.”

“Positive and fun. Mike fielded all questions no matter what category it was in… I loved the explanation of financial personality traits.”

“Everything can be used with all different types of incomes.”

“Primary focus on Financial personality; budget; debt reduction; and tithe importance.”

New Vision Baptist Church, TN

“100% rated the presentation and content of the seminar as excellent or good.”

“Mike is a great communicator and easy to understand. He made something that can be overwhelming seem to be achievable.”

“The interactions were really effective. I liked the informalness of the presentations. You presented everything in a way that was understandable.”

“It’s finally refreshing to see a financial system that uses values combined with personality. Just knowing how to begin an approach to more financial freedom is very encouraging.”

“The program helped me understand personality differences and how this applies to spending habits, goals, and relationships.”

“I appreciated the ability to ask questions and listen to others present their unique situations that may pertain to you now or later.”

Calvary Baptist Church, IL

“100% of the attendees rated the presentation and content as excellent or good.”

“Great solutions to help in areas we have been struggling with for years.”

“This information was presented in easy to understand steps that are very practical.”

“I appreciated hearing about how the Bible addresses financial issues.”

“The program helped me recognize what type of personality me and my husband are so we can recognize our spending habits.”

“It would be difficult to imagine a more efficient introduction to the ‘Storing Treasures’ work.”

The Launch Pad Foundation

“Mike Haswell and the Storing Treasures workshop was a tremendous help for our program. We have used other people and programs in the past with some success, however the detailed individualized approach of Storing Treasure was a game changer for our participants. I recommend Mike very highly without hesitation.” Kenneth Hill-President

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