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What is the Storing Treasures Mission and how can you impact people positively when it comes to their financial lives?

Our mission statement is “Discovering Your Financial Personality Inspires Progress”. This is at the crux behind who we are. Lets take a look at how we specifically thrive to help others:

DISCOVERING – At the heart of every change comes a moment where we uncover something new about ourselves. “You discover something that is already there, something that has existed but is generally unknown.” This initial discovery is the key to beginning the journey of understanding yourself and others in a completely new light.

YOUR FINANCIAL PERSONALITY – We are awash in “fixes” for our financial lives. The Internet gives us immediate access to financial tools; bookstore shelves are inundated with the latest book from successful money gurus; advice is just a radio click away for general information. All of this is positive. However, the one area that seems to be lost in all of this information is the main driver behind our financial decisions…..our behavior. I have been counseling families for over 20 years and I can personally attest that the most important factor to financial success is understanding and applying how we think and behave. By understanding our financial personality and those around us, we can begin to make decisions that work for us and our family….not for someone else.

INSPIRES PROGRESS – What is Progress? For most families, it means taking control of their financial lives. Lowering debt, increasing saving, reaching financial goals, improving communication, enhanced giving to others, etc. are all worthy pursuits that show we are making progress. But how do we know if we are making progress? What tangible expression of our hard work demonstrates our starting point and that progress is actually being made? We want to make sure you have a clear expression of your progress and reach the financial goals you set for yourself.

Understanding yourself and setting your unique roadmap is what Storing Treasures is all about!

How does Financial Personality help with long term financial success?

Programs on the market today tend to categorize ways to financial health as absolutes. In other words, a system must be followed one specific way for there to be success. Financial Personality allows you to determine your strengths and weaknesses (not to change you!) so you can stick with your plan for life.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the Storing Treasures platform?

The subscription program is a new opportunity for you get unique personality education, communication, online tools, and engage in a community for a small monthly investment.

Those benefits include:

  • Financial personality engagement on how to work with others to build better financial relationships with your spouse, children, and friends.
  • Online courses focused on financial personality that assist in values, debt reduction, saving and investing, creating a spending plan and goal setting
  • Connections to financial professionals (Resource Network) to assist in building equity, investing, saving for the future, mortgage lending, and more
  • Ability to ask specific financial questions of Storing Treasures or the Resource Network
  • Calendar program to help manage your finances
  • Access to events, interviews and an online community


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