Financial Personality

A unique way on how you think and behave with money. Discover your own financial personality with the financial personality assessment and how it impacts your financial decisions.

Education and support

Based around financial personality, these online courses focus on values, debt reduction, saving & investing, setting up a spending plan and goal setting. Ask individual questions of Storing Treasures and professionals in the community.

Join a community…

…of like-minded personality styles focused on building stronger financial relationships.

Financial personality is our culture and is ingrained in all that we offer.  Here are the benefits of membership in the Storing Treasures community:

  • Financial personality engagement about how to work with others to build better financial relationships
  • Online education focused on financial personality that assist in determining values, debt reduction, saving & investing, creating a spending plan and goal setting.
  • A Calendar plan for your finances to help you see your daily balance based on your planned deposits and expenses.
  • Tools to help you in determining net worth, debt reduction, spending plan and goal setting
  • Connections to financial professionals (Resource Network) to assist in building equity, insurance, investing, saving for the future, real estate, estate planning and more.
  • Ability to ask specific financial questions of the Storing Treasures team and the Resource Network.
  • Access to events, interviews and an online community

You can access all these benefits for only $7 a month!  You can also choose a 3 month plan for only $18 (14% reduction in monthly cost) or a full year for $70 (17% reduction in monthly cost).   You can also choose to cancel at any time.